Lindsay Corley

I have been learning and practicing yoga for over 13 years, and can honestly say it has saved my life. I struggled as a young adult, and it was yoga that assured me life was worth fighting for. Yoga reminds me everyday to live fearlessly, and that true change is possible. I give everything up to the mat. In class I offer gentle flow/restorative yoga sequences that involve cleansing breath and energy work, as well as spiritual contemplation and creative meditation. These are all level classes and everyone is welcome! The basic beginner structure of these classes make it so that anyone looking to release tension and feel like the best version of themselves will benefit. I love that no matter what reason we come to the studio for, we all leave feeling the same way, lighter and brighter.

Lao Tzu said it best:

“The Tao is hidden yet it shines in every corner of the universe with it, the sharp edges become smooth, the twisted knots loosen, the sun is softened by a cloud, the dust settles into place.”

I aim to help you find your inner teacher in hopes that you will take this medicine home with you and use it every day. As you begin to notice the changes I hope you come back to share them with me as you continue to deepen your knowledge of self-healing and love through each new practice.