Watsu Weekend Training (offsite)

June 10, 2016

18:30 - 21:30

Cloud 9 Calig Pool


EVERYONE CAN LEARN WATSU ~ Water Shiatsu, a gentle and therapeutic bodywork technique for healing, meditation, and connection.

We have room for 6 students maximum. We will provide a safe container for creative learning, an environment where all the participants enjoy honoring themselves within their own ability and skill level.

The Water portion of the class is held in a Warm Therapy pool (94-96 degrees) where we learn to float, be floated, and help release stress and tensions with the resistance of the water.

The Land classes are held in a separate area, where you will explore the different levels of your being through exercises and body mechanics.

Learning the Stance, Connecting with Breath, and Letting The Water do the work are the most important Tools in Watsu foundations Part One, known as “compassionate awareness”. There will be training in “Zen” Shiatsu as well.

PART ONE of this course teaches Watsu’s Tai Chi-like Basic Moves and positions and how, in staying grounded and connected with the breath, you can let the water do the work. In its continual return to the Water Breath Dance, you find the stillness that is the Ground of Presence.

The beauty of Watsu is that the techniques adapt to people of all sizes, shapes and dispositions. You learn about your own body mechanics – how to support and move each person as effortlessly as possible in the water. On land you continue to explore Breath, mechanics, and alignment.

Take this course to deepen your meditation and connection to Life! Be able to assist yourself and others in their healing path. No massage background or experience necessary, just your heart’s calling to do this beautiful and sacred work.

Adam and Erika Calig will be sharing their home pool for this experience, as it is at a private location, only those registered will receive map and details. Please call the studio with any questions (951) 676-2206

Held at the Cloud 9 Calig Pool in Temecula, CA
June 10 – 12, 2016
Fri 6:30 – 9:30 pm
Sat/Sun 8am – 6pm

As space is limited, please secure your spot with an immediate $130 non-refundable deposit. Your balance will be due to the instructor, Kim Hartz on our first day of instruction.

Register Online

Register Online under “Events” or call the studio at: (951) 676-2206

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