nurture (verb)

  1. she nurtured her inner child BRING UP, care for, take care of, look after, tend, rear, raise, support, foster; parent, mother.
  2. we nurtured these plants CULTIVATE, grow, keep, tend.
  3. he nurtured my love of art ENCOURAGE, promote, stimulate, develop, foster, cultivate, boost, contribute to, assist, help, abet, strengthen, fuel.

Tend to your inner garden:

Title Time Artist Album
Like An Angel 3:07 Sasha Butterfly
Baba Gabynab (dub farm remix) 7:31 Krishna Das Elevation
Bloom (Mother Mary) 5:21 Larisa Stow Reaching Out
So Beautiful 6:34 Vertigo Deluxe
Wild Horses 5:06 Tina Malia
My Time To Fly 5:25 Vertigo Deluxe
Jaya Sita Rama 6:41 Wade Imre Morissette Sargam Scales Of Music
All Roads 6:02 Tina Malia
Out of the Ashes 5:53 Sonic Tribe Spirit Rising
Servant Of Peace 7:12 Snatam Kaur Liberation’s Door
Ong Namo Gurudev Namo 13:06 Snatam Kaur Live