Yoga is…

by: Erika Faith

Yoga is Creativity.
Creativity it is a divine gift from God to humanity which anyone can access. Whether it is painting, ritual, music or movement we can all receive some type of benefit from creative expression. My on-going creative project is Yoga. How? Well…the simplest way for me to put it is: There are over 14,000 different postures (Asanas) and 50 different styles (Disciplines). A person can put together any routine for their own schedule or liking. Most styles involve some sort of relaxation. Whether a person is moving, breathing, or meditating eventually there comes a time when the mind opens up and thoughts quiet down. This is where real insight and creativity happens. I don’t know HOW it happens. It just does. An exquisite mystery.

Yoga is Healing.
The ultimate goal of yoga is union with the All; it is to become completely aware of the Self or soul. The natural progression of practicing yoga leads one to: peace of mind and heart; power of will, love, and intellect; direct influence of the mind upon the body and the world outside the body; psychic abilities of various kinds; control of mind and better concentration; control of the emotions (removal of worry, pride, anger, fear, lust, and greed); bodily health, suppleness, beauty and longevity; and the prevention and removal of psychosomatic dangers and troubles. The Yoga Sutra’s Yamas (things to avoid) and Niyamas (things to do) are guidelines for living a life of integrity and truth. It is not necessary to obey these rules because these are just suggestions to live a happier, more fulfilled life. Yoga heals by allowing us to experience life in the continuous unfolding moment.

Yoga is Community.
Together, when people do yoga, something magical happens. There’s a wonderful feeling of togetherness, love, and camaraderie. This may manifest because each person starts to take responsibility for their life, beliefs, and experience. Yoga teaches that when the flow of the universe treats you kindly or harshly, you have control of your own attitude and outlook.The community of people studying and practicing yoga quickly becomes tight. I believe yoga brings people together in a magnetic sense; we want to share the bounty of its blessings with one another. A big group, focusing on transcending themselves, is a pretty incredible force of energy! As a teacher, I am excited to be able to share some of yoga’s power with my community.

Yoga is Commitment.
Practice meditation (Dhyana), breathing techniques (Pranayama), yoga postures (Asanas), and a deep relaxation (Savasana) at least three times a week. To really feel the essence of yoga, it is important to declare that yoga become part of your daily life. This is a committment that is only bound by your own will. Once you see the magic that yoga creates in your life, you will only want to continue with it.