Become a Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT 200/300) through Cloud Nine Yoga School.

We have specialized in training Yoga Teachers for over 25 years!

Cloud Nine Yoga’s 200 RYT and 300 RYT Training Curriculum and Certification Courses are Yoga Alliance registered and highly regarded by our graduates: See our student testimonials on the Yoga Alliance website.

We additionally offer Children’s Yoga & Pre-Post Natal Yoga Certification programs. Our curriculum extends into Trauma-Sensitive practices, Yoga for Mental Health, Ayurvedic Routines, and Yin/Restorative Yoga for Recovery.

Every lead trainer of our school has an E-RYT 500 teaching designation and a minimum of 10 years of experience in the field of Yoga. Our supporting teachers have a minimum of 5 years teaching experience. Our Founder and Director of Education, Erika Faith Calig, has taught Yoga for nearly three decades! She built Cloud Nine Yoga with an emphasis on recognizing diverse learning styles so every student, no matter their skills or physical abilities, can feel supported and empowered. We blend academics with intuition, playfulness with methodology, and practicum with heartfelt encouragement. See our 350+ 5-star reviews!

The trainers and support staff teach ‘permission-based’ Yoga — meaning: all practitioners are initiated into movement through alignment cues and invitational language. Practitioners are given tools and various options to adapt the practice to their own bodies, moods, and conditions. We bring the practice of Yoga down to earth and help weave the teachings into all aspects of life.

We are a School for Hatha Yoga, an umbrella term for ALL Yoga styles that link Asana, Pranayama, and Dhyana (postures, breath, meditation). We don’t want to live in a box, so we call it “the fun kind of yoga” – the type of Yoga where people laugh, learn, integrate, and grow.

What matters most to us? Authenticity, peace, and kindness. We strive to find bliss, joy, and meaning in all we do. We care about people more than poses, promoting sharing and caring in every way. We honor the Earth and all her creatures, knowing that we are in collaborative creation with all Life. Our students are offered ample opportunities for spiritual development and a conscious lifestyle through our Yoga Training Retreats and Immersions.

We prefer to be in-person – yet have make space and flexibility to offer virtual, hybrid, and traditional training environments. We flex our creativity by providing students with a wide range of options. You can come for immersion in Hawaii, California, or Colorado, find a school in a location near you, or acquire certification through a powerful self-paced course on our savvy Online platform. No matter what you choose, we are with you, every step of the way.


Kauai, HI :: Oct 2 – 16, 2024 :: 200 RYT Yoga Teacher Training & Certification (All Students Welcome! This is a foundational Yoga Course for all levels of students – no special requirements to attend). 1 SPOT REMAINS!

2025 DATES for 200-hr Immersions:

Kauai, HI :: January 8 – 22, 2025 & June 11 – 23, 2025

If you are interested in attending a course at Cloud Nine Yoga School, please start by filling out our Google Form.

Set up a call or video conference with our Director of Yoga Training. Schedule now to speak to someone about your options.

ONLINE, SELF-PACED TRAINING IS ON-GOING. START ANYTIME! The Self-Paced Yoga Training Courses are an affordable and time-honored way to get certified when you can’t travel or don’t have a Cloud Nine Yoga School near you. Our Mentor Teachers are available to support your journey every step of the way. Please visit us at: to sign up, add courses, pay, and start your training today!

200 RYT – Yoga Teacher Certification Option 1: Take the training over 3 – 5 months time.

Attend a 3 – 5 month residential course at one of our locations. This option is paced for those living in the area of one of our faculty and/or locations. It is best to contact us directly to find the right course for you. Contact our main administrative office at 310-989-0878 or email:

At the conclusion of a 200 RYT course, when all hours and requirements are met, official certification is granted and you can begin teaching basic yoga classes – see 200-hr Basic In-Depth Studies. Cloud Nine Yoga is a Registered Yoga School, that qualifies for the ‘RYT 200’ designation with the Yoga Alliance, the national registry for Yoga Teachers!

The plus side to this option is: a) having plenty of time to integrate and apply these powerful teachings to your life; b) a sweet circle of community is created through meeting regularly (at least once per week); c) the ability to keep your normal routines (job, family, etc) without any major interference; d) a convenient payment plan is in place to space out tuition fees. All our branch teams and locations offer special incentives for paying in advance or turning in your application before the start date.

200 RYT – Yoga Teacher Certification Option 2: Get it done in a Two Week OMmersion!

We know not everyone lives near one of our faculty trainers. This is why we created Immersion Programs and Online Yoga Study & Certification Courses. Our Edu-vacation Immersions are held in beautiful locations: Hilo, Hawaii or Kauai’s North Shore, the wine region of Napa, California, or the small Rocky Mountain hot springs town of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Participants complete a 200-hour program in a much shorter time frame, with the same curriculum. Each day begins around 9:00 am and wraps up around 5:00 pm. It is intensive, yet wonderfully rewarding and playful to be together for 2 weeks of dedicated Yoga time. Plus, after the Immersion Program is complete, you will be certified! This type of study course has many benefits: a) allows you to dive in for a shorter amount of time; b) gives you the experience of being on a holiday, while you are learning; c) offers an enhanced, immersive community experience; d) a single, up-front payment is all-inclusive! All you need to do is purchase your airfare.

The Next Step: Advanced Yoga Training & Certification

After your foundational 200 hours of yoga training are complete, you can Register with Yoga Alliance. We are also here for continuing education. Our 300 RYT ADVANCED YOGA TRAINING is a life-transforming Master Yoga Program providing Advanced Studies in Yoga, Health, and Lifestyle. It is a one of a kind, wellness journey into the lifelong methods and practices of Yoga. We take you on an enlightening quest to fortify your teaching abilities and deepen your relationship to your innermost being. We reinforce what was taught at the basic level and boost knowledge by amplifying your focus. Using techniques from Yoga of the Subtle Body, Insight Yoga, and the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Acu-Yoga, and Mudras for Healing, this program can be done fully remote, in a self-paced course, in person during two 10-day retreats, or hybrid (virtual + retreats) starting at $733 per module.

Base Tuition

200-hr In-Depth Yoga Training and Teacher Certification: $2900 (entire self-paced online training is $2000)
300-hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Certification: $4400 – or $733 per module (full self-paced online training is $2900)

* Prices are for tuition only and do not include books, transportation, or food/lodging.

If you are interested in a deeply healing experience of Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa flow, Yoga Philosophy, Ayurveda, and more… you have found the right place! We provide Yoga Teacher Certification Courses, online workshops, recorded practice classes, in-depth Yoga study courses, and Yoga Training Immersion Retreats.

Recent Reviews:

***** By: Mary Clare Garrity RYT® 200 on Jun 12, 2024

Cloud Nine Yoga teacher training was a life changing event. I went in thinking I knew a little about yoga and came out knowing I know nothing at all! It’s like I climbed this huge mountain only to see that there is an entire world beyond! I am truly thankful for having the experience with such amazing teachers and curriculum.

***** By: Julie Houston Jun 10, 2024

Erika and her team at Cloud Nine Yoga are amazing! I completed the online 200 hour yoga teaching program which included an amazing handbook, supplementary reading, online curriculum, monthly mentor hours, a huge collection of practice videos and so much more. Erika does an amazing job of capturing the heart of Hatha Yoga and balances all aspects of the practice- spiritual, physical, and emotional. As a new teacher, I’m confident in teaching a class that is permission based and trauma informed. I look forward to continuing my journey with Cloud Nine Yoga for any training or workshop needs.

***** By: Tara Swoboda Dec 04, 2023

Teacher training with Cloud Nine was a blessing in so many ways. This was the perfect blend of advanced instruction and anatomy, deep reading with analysis, and regular asana and reflection.

***** By: Suzanna Mannion Nov 13, 2023

If you’re looking for a yoga teacher training school with SO MUCH HEART and led by a master yogini extraordinaire Cloud Nine is your choice. After completing my 200-hour with Cloud Nine I returned for my 300-hour training. Given the number of schools out

***** By: Darla Saunders Aug 10, 2023
This course has been the most beautiful, amazing, enriching experience.  I have learned so much and grown in ways I could never had predicted when I started. The teachers are wonderful! I can’t recommend this course highly enough.  An amazing foundation for becoming a yoga teacher.”

***** By: Ellen Lea Jan 10, 2023
This is great training to have- it is consistent with education for teaching to a general audience and can be tailored and expanded by the participant for more focused training with the supervision of an instructor.”

***** By: Melissa Bryson
“I am so thankful that I found Cloud Nine — it was meant to be. Erika is so well rounded. Technical, kind and very knowledgeable. This training program changed my practice and I think anyone can benefit from it. I highly, highly recommend and look forward to many more classes and trainings with them.”

***** By: Michelle Aug 30, 2022
“Training with Erika Calig at Cloud Nine Yoga was everything I hoped for and more. I learned a wealth of information from her and highly recommend anyone pursuing their Yoga Teacher Training to consider training with Erika. She is a wonderful mentor, and I am thankful to have learned from her. This training goes beyond the surface and is extremely holistic in every way. I’m excited to continue my 300 hour training with her in the future!”

***** By: Lauren Walser Dec 27, 2021
“Training with Cloud Nine Yoga was a completely transformative experience. The curriculum is really well-rounded, the instructors are so knowledgable and kind, and the entire environment is welcoming, inclusive, and supportive. I had a wonderful time. I highly recommend.”

***** By: Jolie Sheppick Sep 15, 2021
“Cloud Nine Yoga teacher training changed my body, heart, mind and soul for the better. It opened a whole new world and perspective on the meaning and practice of yoga. It has allowed me to expand my capacity both physically and mentally so that I can help make all the 8 limbs of yoga more accessible for others. Erika Faith is a true inspiration on how to care for oneself and others through the lens of permissive and tolerant yoga styles and practices.”

***** By: Jennifer Swenson Jun 30, 2021
“I am so impressed by Erika’s ability to communicate, connect, and inspire with her accumulated knowledge & experiences. She has opened my eyes brightly to yoga traditions that I had not been so thoroughly exposed to in my previous gym & studio practices. I carry this inspiration with me as I embark on further journeys, with excitement to learn, grow, & discover how I may find my unique service!