These are the Leaders of Cloud Nine Yoga. We have chosen the most talented, trustworthy, and FUN facilitators to lead the way! Each have been chosen because they provide the kindest, most well-rounded, complementary, supportive, honest, and LOVING experience for your Yoga Training journey.


Erika Faith Calig

Erika Faith is the founder and director of Cloud Nine Yoga Schools, nationally recognized by The Yoga Alliance at the highest level since 2002.
Erika’s Bio

Adriane Alvarez

500-hour Registered Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, and lifetime student who loves to study anatomy, philosophy and any yoga tradition to better understand how the practice relates to the human mind and body.
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Andrea Franz Parks

Andrea is the owner of Toula Yoga, a licensed school and yoga teacher, Reiki Master, mindfulness meditation instructor, and mother of three.
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April Matulich

April “Tiger-Surfananda” Matulich has been living many forms of yoga-before she ever knew it- since she started surfing at age 12.
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Athena Engelman

Since 2002 Athena has shared Yoga with students of many levels ranging from kids yoga, corporate yoga, to seniors yoga and various styles from Yin and Restorative, Pre/Postnatal, Vinyasa and alignment-based flow.
Athena’s Bio

Cassandra Vitale

Cassandra Vitale is the owner of FreeSpirit Yoga in Long Beach, CA. Her style of teaching is influenced by many different lineages and there really is no one path that she is fully committed to when it comes to yoga.
Cassandra’s Bio

Corrine Barrios

Through yoga I have found, peace, confidence, strength and increased flexibility, not to mention a working digestive system and the best exercise for my mind, body and soul.
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Crystal Rios

In 1997, I took my first yoga class at an Ashram in Denton, Texas where I studied Kundalini open eye meditation. Growing up as a dancer, I found that the asana practice took me to my roots.
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Erin McGuire

Erin McGuire is an Iowa native that has been living in the Los Angeles area for over 5 years. She found yoga once again after a long break from it and ended up at Goldenbridge in Hollywood.
Erin’s Bio

JoAnn Jaffe

I created OG Yoga in 2013 with the mission to make healing yoga accessible to vulnerable communities.
JoAnn’s Bio

Linda Crossley

I was drawn to become a yoga teacher and later a Yoga teacher trainer, so I could spread the peace around.
Linda’s Bio

Rebe Taylor

I am a yoga teacher, friend, mother, wife, and amazing woman. I teach yoga for all stages of life. It is not only my passion, it is my calling. One that I take seriously yet approach with fun and love.
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Susan Johnston

I have been practicing yoga for over 14 years and in 2009 completed my 200 hour Teacher Training with Shanti Shanti Yoga School and in 2013 completed my 500 hour Advanced Master Training with Cloud Nine Yoga School.
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Tiffany Hazelbaker

In 2011 Tiffany began her yoga practice in Roswell, NM. She was searching for a workout routine that she might enjoy. She found so much more with yoga.
Tiffanys Bio

Trinity Capili

The dharma clicked in upon meeting my first master teacher, Erika Faith Calig. After learning about the wisdom tradition and philosophies of yoga, the call to share it was clear as a bell.
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