My name is Rebecca Taylor, lovingly known as Rebe (sounds like ree bee) to family and friends and as Yogini (female yoga teacher) to my little friends. I am a yoga teacher, friend, mother, wife, and amazing woman. I teach yoga for all stages of life. It is not only my passion, it is my calling. One that I take seriously yet approach with fun and love.

Yogi Bhajan said, “If you cannot see God in All, you cannot see God at All.” These words resonate deeply in me. The things that I see in you and don’t like are only a reflection of the parts of me that need to heal and vice versa. When I love, I love deeply to the bone. Remembering names or faces is not my strength. However, when I touch a soul, I never forget! We are all souls on this Earth here to play out some cosmic dance of karmic lessons. We call people into our lives to help us learn and grow. We have connected today at this same level to dance together, love each other, and grow in Love and Light.

Some possibly irrelevant though interesting facts about me:

I started an IT company with my husband in 1995 which continues to this day and is responsible for my beautiful website (thank you, team!). I began practicing yoga in 1997 and began teaching with my infant son in 2004. I opened a yoga studio in Oklahoma City in 2008 and returned “home” to Nevada in 2011. I love nature and enjoy its healing benefits. I live simply and close to the land. I look for connection to “All that Is” everywhere I look. I drive too fast sometimes because it is fun and sometimes because I forget myself and get caught up in the hurry of life. I breathe deep and return to my soul in every breath to stay grounded and kind. I enjoy being busy and creating amazing things. I birthed the most beautiful being in co-creation with my life partner and husband. I see my role in my son’s life simply as a facilitator for his own Knowingness and occasionally help fan the flames of his Light. I love animals and have been surprised at how much love I can have for a dog or a chicken. I constantly need to create, be it a curriculum or a piece of furniture from scrap wood. I am grateful in all things, and when I lose my way (as we all do), I return. My tool set includes love, laughter, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

Let us connect in person. Come play with me!

Love & Light,

Rebe 🙂