Erin is a lover of world travel, nature, wellness in all aspects and living simply. She started her entrepreneurial journey teaching Kundalini and Hatha yoga. She has taught extensively all over the world for almost a decade. She transitioned into coaching and energy work after working extensively with her coach on mindset and beliefs for several years. Her passion is assisting young girls and women to get out of feeling not good enough, not living their passion and not feeling empowered into rising into their greatness. She works with clients from the age of 8-60!

Her latest program Empowered Women is a 12 week program that goes deeply into shifting old beliefs and energy keeping you stuck and allowing you to have more confidence, feel empowered and truly learn to love yourself and live a life that you love. She also has a 10 month Lightworker Academy program to certify you in transformational coaching and energy healing work.  Her next project is her first book to come out this year.

Phone: 310-593-1132