300-hr Advanced Yoga Training and Certification Immersion


Welcome to Cloud Nine Yoga, Kauai ~

Let your practice and life become infused with ALOHA.

Imagine yourself on a 3-week Educational Yoga Vacation on the stunning and verdant island of Kauai.

Yes, you can choose to get a Yoga Certification UPGRADE while you stay and play on this gorgeous Garden Island for 22-days at an exclusive north shore location! While you enhance your teaching skills, you will receive a transformational experience in Yoga, Meditation, and Wellness.

This is a special opportunity to focus on an integrative approach to Yoga. We teach a therapeutic model for self-alignment in the Body-Mind-Heart. Soulful Hatha Yoga is combined with Structural and Subtle Body Anatomy, Yin/Restore, Solar/Lunar Salutations, Advanced Sequencing, and practices for everyday embodiment. Join Erika Faith Calig and her talented team of instructors as they take you on a playful, soaring journey into the elemental functions of the body along with the inspiration of the mystical wonders of esoteric traditions.

“We are Great Spirit in the physical form of human body, an extraordinary vessels for experiencing. This experiential curriculum is an integration of self study (Svadhyaya) with movement. It is an integration of the somatic teachings of Dr. Linda Lack and her technique, The Thinking Body and the Feeling Mind, with the Cloud Nine Yoga philosophy of universe as resource, power of community, and recognizing heaven on earth, held in each moment HERE and NOW. This [training] is designed as reeducation for the whole body, integrating moving principles, the energetic knowledge we hold thus far, and a refresher of the mechanics of the human form.  Discussion and journaling is highly encouraged.  We’re bringing everything into the melting pot when it comes to the art of existence: mystical forces, scientific knowledge, and most importantly personal experience.  We are part of the evolution of humanity; let’s take ownership of every fiber of our being in order to lead meaningful lives that brings us back to our sovereignty.” Trinity Capili, Cloud Nine Yoga, Senior Faculty and Mentor Teacher

During this divine 300-hr Advanced Yoga Training, we create an epic community experience. We offer a healthy, island-sourced vegan brunch on training days, give you plenty of down time for integration and island excursions on your own, and teach an Integrative, Permission-based Hatha Yoga Certification course with various associated modalities such as Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, and the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. Our very own Cloud Nine Yoga style is an eclectic blend of fun, flow-based yoga practices embracing all levels, bodies, and ages of yoga practitioners. Enjoy in-depth workshop style curriculum, peer teaching, in a tropical setting. Our approach will sculpt you into a well-rounded, knowledgeable and confident instructor.

Rainbows grace the morning skies to the West. Our locaation is surrounded by a 1000 shades of green.

5 Star ***** Review By: Stacy Malia Futa Jun 30, 2018

“Erika Calig has spent so much time, love and quality developing her programs…and it radiates through her! She, and her delightful staff, had respect for the knowledge I arrived to the training with, but gently encouraged me to think outside of the yoga box I had trapped myself in. After I finished her 300-hr training retreat, I truly have faith that I have a substantial amount of new and reviewed information to successfully hold space in a class. (To both safely support my students and honor my truth and playfulness as a teacher). Before, I had chained myself to rules I had built based off of a mish-mash of the patriarchal yoga system. The staff broke down my “perfection” barriers…allowing me to rebuild myself into a well aligned, engaged teacher that just wants everyone to breathe, move and play. I couldn’t be more proud to be in the Cloud Nine Family. I will continue to live by their principles and share them with anyone who wants to learn and embody them.”

Surrounded by amazing yogis from all over the world, and held by pristine, sacred grounds. Tropical flora, fauna, and nearby water elements abound. Hike through gorgeous forests, explore tranquil waterfalls, find hidden beaches, and enjoy famous bays that we know and love.

Hanalei Bay at Sunset. You can practically smell the warm tropical air and taste the salt water on your lips.

This group hiked to Ho’opi’i Falls. You can tell it is a well rested and very content group!

Your main leader and facilitator is Erika Faith Calig E-RYT 500, (aka: Yogi Fairy Godmother) founder of Cloud Nine Yoga. Erika is joined by her incredible support team who will take you on an exploration into all of the beauty of yoga’s many diverse practices — truly enchanted by this exotic location.

“Within my reach – and yours – is the eternal light within our heart and soul. I live and breathe not just for me, but for all the humans that orbit along with me. As we meditate, or pray, we become more intimate with the powerful, creative force within us and around us. It is felt deep within our innermost Universe of the body-mind-spirit and it is intimately reflected outward in the expanse of Life. As above, so below. Conscious awareness brings equal amounts of vulnerability and strength that we can draw upon to 1.) care for the individual self (the matter that makes up this organism of me) and 2.) radically nourish our own consciousness (the mental/emotional/spiritual energies that make manifest personal reality). The stuff that makes stars, galaxies, and black holes — it also creates, animates, and sustains (or destroys) us. So we must work with it; be in co-creation with the forces of the imminent cycles of Life-Death-Rebirth.” – Erika Faith, Founder & Director of Cloud Nine Yoga School

Erika with her silly farm dog, Dakota.

2020 Dates are all now entirely online: online.cloudnineyoga.com


  • 7:30 am – 10:00 am Morning Yoga Practice
  • 10:00 am – 12:00 am Lecture
  • 12:00 – 1:00 pm Brunch
  • 1:00 – 4:30 pm Core Curriculum Workshops

Call or Email Erika for full schedule: 310-989-0878 or yogaoncloud9@gmail.com

Our current practice space, in the sprawling Great Room at the Tī House in Kīlauea, HI.

Experiential learning is the key to our Teacher Training Programs.

School Tuition


What’s Included:

  • 300-hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training tuition.
  • Locally Sourced Cuisine on training days.
  • Access to facility amenities.


  1. Fill out our Online Application.
  2. Call or text Erika to request an invoice and/or to begin making payments: 310-989-0878
  3. Start Planning Your Journey to Kauai!

What’s Not Included in Course Fees:

  • Required Course Materials (books must be ordered/purchased upon registration).
  • Off-site meals and personal shopping.
  • Accommodations. We recommend staying at a VRBO or AirBnB in Princeville, HI.
  • Air/Ground Transportation. Get your flights and reserve your rental car early for best rates.

Erika and Trinity with some of their recent grads. Look at all those happy faces!