thrill (noun)

  1. the thrill of jumping out of an airplane EXCITEMENT, feeling of excitement, stimulation, adrenaline rush, pleasure, tingle; fun, enjoyment, amusement, delight, joy; informal buzz, high, rush, kick, charge.
  2. a thrill of excitement ran through her WAVE, shiver, rush, surge, flash, blaze, tremor, quiver, flutter, shudder, frisson.

thrill (verb)

  1. his words thrilled her EXCITE, stimulate, arouse, rouse, inspire, delight, exhilarate, intoxicate, stir, charge up, electrify, galvanize, move, fire (with enthusiasm), fire someone’s imagination; informal give someone a buzz, give someone a kick, give someone a charge.
  2. he thrilled at the sound of her voice BE/FEEL EXCITED, tingle, quiver; informal get a buzz out of, get a kick out of, get a charge out of.


Title Time Artist Album

4:51 Moby Play
Gratitude (Second Chakra) 5:16 Chinmaya Dunster Yoga On Sacred Ground
Snasaar 4:07 Various Artists Lounge From The Bay
Toward The One 5:48 Shimshai
Desert Rose 4:46 Sting Brand New Day
Close To Me (Closest Mix) 4:19 The Cure Close To Me (Single)
All Good 6:53 Girish Diamonds In The Sun
Amba, Amba 9:48 Larisa Stow
Climax 4:11 Ohio Players The Kings Of Funk, by RZA
Hey Now Now 5:38 Michael Franti & Spearhead Yell Fire!
The Only Moment We Were Alone 10:14 Explosions In The Sky The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place
Tantra Love 5:17 Dean Evenson Sound Healing
Embrace 20:36 Shastro Tantric Heart