My calling is to assist all willing beings who cross my path to come home to one’s uniquely natural place in the world and to lead others to a life of fierce presence, outrageous openness and sweet peace. Erika Faith Calig


Erika is the creator of an original Yoga Teacher Training curriculum that was initiated when several of her yoga students asked her to teach an In-Depth Study course in 1999. During that year, 7 students from Redondo Beach, CA went on a 10 month journey together, in which Erika built the foundational program which became a Yoga Alliance Registered 200/300 Yoga School in 2002.

For the first eight years, Erika was the sole trainer of this traveling yoga school. She held trainings in private homes, karate dojos, small yoga/pilates studios, and even in her own converted garage at her first house in Gardena — aptly named by students “God’s House”. Erika was hired by CSU, Fullerton to teach Kinesiology & Comparative Religion in 2000. For nearly seven years, Erika put her academic yogi skills to work, proposing several new courses and running a very strong Yoga Program alongside colleague Patrick Freeman, under the guidance of Kenneth Ravizza. The curriculum building continued to blossom.

When Erika became pregnant in 2007, she could no longer carry the torch herself. Several longtime students asked for her to consult in the creation their own training programs. This couldn’t have come at a better time. Erika decided to share all she built with them, so they could do so under the Cloud Nine Yoga name and grow their own success stories.

And the Mother Ship started to sail! The Cloud Nine Yoga School’s trainings have been shared by many talented “Erika approved” teachers, who carry the message of Yoga to their communities. In nearly 18 years, Cloud Nine Yoga Schools have graduated over 2000 yogis from all over the planet. Currently, our 18 active schools (all Independently owned and operated by the teachers themselves) are being run in Hawaii, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Iowa. And we have inspired many more schools to form under different names across the nation. Find a location near you.

From the beginning, Erika simply wanted Yoga to be available to everyone, and especially she wanted to help her awesome students be leaders themselves. Hence, she is lovingly called, The Yoga Fairy Godmother.


  • 1992: Erika started studying alternative healing modalities and loving yoga
  • 1995: Erika began interning in the Psychology of Yoga classes at Sonoma State University
  • 1997: Erika received her Yoga Teaching Certificate from White Lotus Foundation
  • 1999: Erika completed her Advanced Yoga Teacher Certification with White Lotus Foundation
  • 2000: First Cloud Nine Yoga School graduate class (“1 st Generation” was 7 students who completed 800 hours!)
  • 2002: Cloud Nine Yoga became affiliated with Yoga Alliance at 200/500 Registry Levels
  • 2008: We opened our second and third Cloud Nine Yoga School branches in South Bay and Orange County
  • 2011: Expanding to San Diego & Riverside counties
  • 2012: Became recognized as an International Yoga School
  • 2015: Cloud Nine Yoga now has it’s own headquarters in Temecula, CA
  • 2017: Our School is hosted at 15 locations, with 30 trainers, and has over 3000 graduates!