Yin Yoga & Meditation
Based on the meridian system of Chinese Medicine, Yin Yoga is a slow moving and meditative style of yoga. It is quiet, gentle and profoundly healing to various systems of the body. Yin Yoga provides deep opening through long holds of poses, supportive breathing, and awareness practices.

The story of the Buddha, “the enlightened One”, is fascinating. Born in India into a royal family, Siddhartha was given every pleasure possible. His sheltered upbringing and traditional family expectations eventually caused him to break away and seek himself. On this journey he had many adventures and awakenings. To hear his interesting story and learn the teachings of Buddhism will shed light onto the trials and tribulations of walking the spiritual path.

Mindfulness is a meditation technique arising out of the Eight-fold path of Buddhism. Taught by the Buddha, this psychologically healing faculty is said to be one of the vital practices of overcoming all delusions. It is the practice of bringing attention to the present moment in such a way that one eases into calmness with the various fluctuations of sense stimulation, thoughts, and body sensations.

In these classes, you will experience the basic techniques of Yin Yoga and how to integrate the practices of Meditation into a regular healthy living plan. You will learn to practice the fundamental Mindfulness Meditations and Yogic Breathing techniques.

Yin Yoga & Meditation with Erika Faith or Morgan Clover
Studio Classes offered weekly at Cloud Nine Yoga Studio in Temecula
Tuesday/Thursday 5:30 – 6:45 pm
Sunday 4:30 – 5:45 pm

ALSO Offered as a Specialty Retreat & Training in Kauai
June 20 – 27, 2017 with Cloud Nine Yoga

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