About Cloud Nine Yoga

February 3, 2010 Cloud 9

We aspire to bring heaven to earth. We inspire each other by being real, peaceful and kind. We offer support when we meet challenges in walking the conscious path. We strive to find bliss, joy and meaning in all we do.

When asked what kind of yoga we teach, we find it difficult to answer! Many of the styles we utilize are Hatha yoga, Vinyasa flow, Kundalini, Tantra, Yin Yoga and Restorative. Yet this can be limiting because yoga is so much more than postures, breathing & meditation.

Our goal is to practice, teach, train and guide our community to bring the healing, relaxation and strength we connect to on our yoga mat into the world. We maintain that once we find our way “home” (back to our true nature or essence), that it becomes easier to let that soulful energy direct all interactions.

It is then that we encounter SEVA, SANGHA and SATCHITANANDA… service, community and truth/consciousness/bliss which is outside our own personal bubble ~ ripples of our happiness expanding outward ~ meant to be shared with the people, earth and spirit!

May we all find our inward LOVE serving to RADIATE to ALL!


Cloud Nine Yoga invokes the soul of every living being to awaken and act from their supreme nature with gratitude and play.  We compassionately and blissfully empower ready beings to open their hearts & minds to experience their full potential through various types of ancient yogic systems, community gatherings, healing retreats, and other spiritually uplifting endeavors.  As we walk this holistic path ourselves, we invite you to embrace and honor your truth, follow your soul’s purpose, heal yourself and LIVE “NAMASTE” with us.

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