Meditations on Life & Living

by Erika ‘Kealapua’ Faith

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Walking in Beauty: “hozho naasha” (Navajo/Dineh) 

… or shall we say, “FLYING?”

Right relationship exists when our mind-heart, body-breath is in alignment with the natural order of things. The Path of Beauty, also known as the Beauty Way, is the proper interaction with Life, the Planet, our brothers and sisters of Mother Earth, and all sentient beings. It invites us to always leave a situation more beautiful, joyful and peaceful than when we first arrived.

Consider this: Everything We Need is within SIX FEET of us at all times. WOW, right?

This speaks for the simplicity and grace available to us within the breath we are breathing right now. It reminds us to:

1. Count all the blessings surrounding us in the moment. There is always plenty to be grateful for.

2. Be satisfied with what’s currently here, knowing it is absolutely, abundantly, enough.

If everything we truly need is already with us, there is nothing more we need to take. All our needs are met fully, so we can rest in fullness! And then, may we share from that place of wholeness ~ sprinkling smiles, kindness, and gifts of joy everywhere.

Doesn’t that feel beautiful?

Ceremonies do not need to be reserved for special occasions. Daily rituals can become simple acknowledgements; Ishvarapranidhana ~ a dedication to Spirit.

Let us: 

  • Dance because it makes us happy. 
  • Sing because it clears our head. 
  • Lift up EACH glass to toast health.
  • Say a prayer when we light candles.
  • Think of a person and send a blessing. 
  • Offer our every word to Spirit. 
  • Adorn our body like it is a temple.
  • Hold gratitude for the food at our tables.


“But, to the illumined yogi, the universe does not seem at all mysterious. It is said that, if you know clay, you know the nature of everything that is made of clay. So, if you know the Atman [Supreme Self, Eternal Soul], you know the nature of everything in the universe.”

~ from the book: How To Know God

The Yoga of Relationship begins in only one place, with the one person you will always be with until the day you take your last breath on earth: YOU.

Dive into this forgetting. Everywhere we have looked, all our searching for our perfect match… it eventually leads us back to the place where we are standing.

Consider this radical idea ~ Our soul mate, the One who can make us whole and fill the ache inside, has been living through your form all along. Your Divine current, inseparable from the Creator, is breathing you right now. You were never apart.

Now it is time to reclaim the Beloved within.

It is then that our outer relationships, in the sensual world of lover, friend, parent, spouse, partner, colleague and every other role we play – become illuminated with amity and rapport. By sharing wholeness, our hearts communicate on a new level, with literally an entirely different language.


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