“I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me.” ~ Herman Hesse


(excerpt from April 21, 2015)

…we are in a movement, an oceanic chasm, a cycle of constant change, and it never ceases. Each breath is an opportunity to renew, to shift, to rest into the present as if it were a gift. Breathing in, I know that this is IT. Breathing out, I offer no struggle. I accept this moment as it is, and I consider it a gift. I know all is in flux. Humanity is either evolving to create Heaven on Earth, or… the opposite.These days, I am inclined to FOOD GROWING, RAISING HENS for EGGS, COMPOSTING, CONSERVING, and otherwise TAKING REST as often as possible. This, too, is a yoga practice. Less can be MORE. Unifying with the rhythms of nature, sustainability, and meditating with the Earth Mother is just as important as creating, generating, and questing. To lighten the load on the environment is a vital task. Recycling is a way — but even more potent is to limit unnecessary consumption. Simply being mindful of how commercialism grabs us, we can stop it in its tracks. We need so much LESS than we think!Most incredibly, it is habitual for us to always want more. We’ll often look outside ourselves to meet an emptiness that is INNATE. What is radical is to get comfortable with not knowing. Fierce reality, yes. AND… not so scary if we are basking in the ever-lasting groundless-ness that truly exists. Instead, let’s cozy up to the MYSTERY of tomorrow and live rightly today ~ with consideration for our quality of life: over time, space, and generations to come. What will we leave behind? What wisdom is our legacy? When all is heeded, it is our deep inner peace that makes today alright.


Wrapped in vines and dirt,


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