Thank you Erika and Katie for this amazing journey. Thank you for bringing my happiness and faith in the world back. You really change my life. Eliana, Online 200-hr Training Graduate, 2020
I will be forever grateful to whole new world of yoga you introduced me to. Yoga that is truly for the mind, body and soul, thank you so much. I really appreciate your feedback on ways I can improve my teaching and sequencing. I am so excited to get started on my journey as a teacher. I am working on setting up some zoom classes as I type this message!  I am so grateful to be one of your students, we are blessed to call you our teacher. Kate, Online 200-hr Training Graduate, 2020
This experience has left me feeling more empowered and confident than I ever have in my life. Through this experience I learned so much more about yoga and myself. Erika generously shares her time, wisdom, and kindness with her students and creates a nurturing environment for you to heal and grow. I left Kauai with all the tools I need to become a great yoga teacher and with a loving, supportive yogi family I know I can fall back on. Sage, 200-hr Yoga Certification Immersion Graduate, 2019
I wanted to thank you for all of the lovely classes I attended. I got so much out of your classes that I have described it as getting a work-out, seeing a therapist, going to church, going to the chiropractor, and getting a massage all wrapped into one!Celine, Yoga & Reiki Student
I felt I was in such a sacred space being in the nature and embrace of my fellow yogis. The rest of the retreat was just like that feeling of embrace when I first arrived. Erika is truly loving and wise in every way. Cloud Nine’s retreat helped me discover a lot about myself while enriching my life as a yogi and teacher. There was so much I was able to appreciate about myself, my own practice, and life in general. The retreat was a remarkable experience.Serina, 300-hr Kauai Immersion Grad
Thank you for being a mentor, spiritual guide, and teacher. My journey over these weeks has changed me in innumerable ways. I’ve let go of fears and things that stood in the way of my true self expression. Much of my transformation is thanks to your generosity, love, and guidance. I truly believe the Universe knew I needed you. I’m excited for all that came to Be in your light.Shannon, Yoga Student
You bring a group of strangers together and made a very loving family out of us.Ana, Yoga Teacher Training Grad
I feel so educated now on the true meaning of what Yoga is – I thank you for being the glue that holds all this together. You are an amazing women, and mentor. Renee, Kauai Basic Yoga Training
I am the happiest I have ever been in my whole life due to this training. I want to say it was thanks to you — but you’ve taught me that the power is within ME! It was there all along, you helped provide a most sacred space for me to truly honor the essence of my being. I am going to be able to take the gift of knowledge and all the wonderful, magical, super Jedi powers with me everywhere I go. Thank you for allowing me to be the best me. Faith, 200-hr Yoga Training Grad
Erika, your knowledge and wisdom fills my heart and soul. I am so honored to begin my yoga journey with Cloud Nine Yoga! Thank you for your loving acceptance — loving me exactly where I am in this journey. There is no doubt you have so many hearts to hold — all the love you share with everyone. I feel blessed to have learned with you and am looking forward to continue on my path with you and Cloud Nine Yoga.
Cheryl, Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Grad
…the exhilaration of creating a life-long relationship with myself, for healing my body and freeing my soul was so worth my efforts in this training. I am so grateful to you, Erika, for creating the space for my personal transformation and the opportunity to truly live. Alisa, 200-hr Yoga Certification Course
Dearest Erika, Thank you for your poetry, it has cleared the lanes of my journey, inspired me, and sent me off into the stratosphere of yoga. Thank you!
Philip Edmonds, Yoga student
Erika, I can’t thank you enough for your kindness, love, and presence. You embody all that is Yoga. I didn’t think the practice would become emotional, but you were able to crack open my mind and heart. Thank you!
Evan Moss, Graduate
My Yoga Training opened up many possibilities I never knew existed for me. My Dharma is more clear and my purpose more defined. Thank you!Daniela Porro, Graduate
Dear Erika, I’ve been going inward in the oceans of my breath and the stars of my inner sky. And none could have been possible without my magic mat and this kind body that joyfully and quizzically at times moves through the ancient shapes and forms. It is extraordinary.Maira Rivera, Graduate
Erika, I deeply treasure the nourishment, wisdom, and art you so generously share. Your ability to live simply and abundantly is an inspiration and I admire and respect you as my yoga fairy god mother. Namaste.Hanna, Graduate
In softening my blistered, calloused skin, I am learning to become my own best friend.Wendy Ellis, Graduate
Erika, Thank you for the last 16 days. It has been an amazing journey. I stepped out of my comfort zone many times, showed myself love and compassion — AND loved doing yoga with everyone. Thank you again, this has been an unforgettable experience and I am so thankful.Ashley Schroeder, Yoga Teacher Training Student
Dear Erika, Learning from you has felt like receiving a direct, loving hand from Mother Earth, the Divine, itself. Your teachings and compassion is so greatly appreciated. I sincerely hope to learn with you again in the future. Thank you very much, from the depths of my Being,Georgia, Fellow Trainer
Querida Erika, It feels like I am home. I am home on my mat, in my heart. My astral travels brought me back to me. Con paz y carino,Hallie, Yoga Student
I met you just a couple months ago, but feel as though I have searched for you my whole life. Erika, you beam radiance so bright it bleeds to those around you. You have established such a beautiful organization which teaches true love and inner peace. I am honored to be in your presence and soak up all the wisdom you have to share. Thank you for all you’ve done for me and so many others. In a perfect world, everyone would have access to a Cloud Nine Yoga training!Abigail (Yoga Training student)
Thank you, Erika, for being you and always sharing and bringing positive vibes to us every Sunday during the Advanced Training. I have cherished each moment; the wisdom that you carry and pass on is abundant. This Cloud Nine Yoga experience, training and tribe is so encouraging and wonderful.Tracy (500 graduate)
The entire curriculum for all the Cloud Nine Yoga training programs are built solidly. I felt supported, respected and nudged appropriately by the instructors. I am so so grateful to be breaking new ground in my life and practice because of these classes and workshops with you and the other trainers. There are no words to describe my appreciation!Nelofer (500 graduate)
Each month has such a different part of the spectrum of Yoga! We were exposed to many perspectives, which is what I loved most about this program. Thank you for the hard work and dedication you put into this training. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from you.Allison (500 Training Grad)
Don’t change a thing! Very well-rounded training, for better understanding the whole yoga experience. My favorite part of this offering was the eclectic group energies you brought together. All the disciplines influenced a new movement of energy within my practice.Steve (500 Advanced Program Graduate)
This type of yoga really resonates with me. I loved learning about all the different philosophies. Basically, I can’t say enough good things about this whole experience. Thank you so much for all you’ve done and all you’ve exposed me to — for all the love and acceptance you have given us!Holly (300 Program Graduate)
I learned that the most important aspect of being an advanced teacher is enthusiasm. The guest teachers, including you, are great because of the knowledge and zeal for yoga is present within. You are living the practice and it is familiar. The variety, focus, discipline and consistent interaction was tempered with playfulness and present moment attention.Amy (300 Program Grad)
You set up an amazing teacher training program. It was well rounded, the guest teachers were phenomenal and I learned so much from this experience. Thank you for bringing amazing material together; Sutra Studies, Gita, Mantra, Tantra, Buddhism and Anatomy were the highlights! Keep it up.April (500 Training Graduate)
I appreciate that this training was so creative, supportive and fun. I am so proud to be part of CNY. I love the community and looked forward to every meeting. You are amazing teachers and I learned so much over the past 6 months.Coco (300 Program Graduate)
This training really lived up to my expectations and went beyond. I am very grateful for being exposed to so many guest teachers from various angles of yoga. My internship with Stella was also brilliant. I learned to be less judgemental and open. Thank you for helping me to start teaching in Long Beach and at the co-op. Assisting in a 200-hr teacher training was a dream come true! You are doing great work, I am proud to be part of this lineage – so honest and loving. Hari Om.Farshad Rezai (500 Training Graduate)
In short, the Cloud Nine 500 hour Teacher Training has literally transformed my mind, my body, my yoga practice and my life. When I began the program 6 months ago, I had barely given myself permission to hope I’d be teaching Yoga full time. Your heartfelt leadership, compassionate mentoring, and the depth of Yoga experience that is shared throughout the Cloud Nine Teacher Training, was exactly the foundation I needed to discover my own passionate Yogic path. And now, I’m literally living my dreams! I am overjoyed to be part of the Cloud Nine Tribe. Thank you so much. Love & YUM!Lira Vaughn (300 Program Grad)
Erika, thank you for welcoming us so completely into your home and family. It was such a pleasure to spend the afternoon with you, celebrating and sharing and loving – I feel so honored to have been a part of it and to be a part of the Cloud 9 family. On our way home, we were discussing how we haven’t been around that much love and warmth and acceptance in a really long time. It simply nourished us. Thanks again and looking forward to the next time I see each of you!!Sara de la Cruz (500 Training Grad)
Erika – Wow. What a joy. Cloud 9, indeed. I have so much gratitude for your authentic expression and communication. I truly have fallen in love with you and the community you create around you.Dr. Chrissy Stamm (Cloud Nine Yoga Teacher Training student)
Erika, I am filled with gratitude for ALL you have provided these 6 months, the space of acceptance, encouragement, love warmth. You’ve helped bring increasing color, light and possibilities to my world. May you ALWAYS be blessed with the good health, joy and Love that you so freely share. Namaste,Melanie Starr (300-hr Master Yoga Program Graduate)
I thank the universe everyday for bringing me to you and leading me to this wonderful yoga family. You are such an inspiration and I thank you for being true to yourself and living your dharma.Erin McGuire (Bali Yoga Immersion, 300-hr Teacher Training Grad)
Erika, I am so glad I decided at the last minute to take your 500-hr training! Thank you for your loving guidance and introducing me to so much more than I’d known Yoga is about.Lynda (300-hr Master Program Graduate)
Erika, I can not even begin to explain how much inspiration this past weekend has brought into my life. What you and the other girls do for the world is truly life changing. I am so honored to be a part of the Cloud Nine Yoga journey. I look forward to many more retreats to come! Thank you! With all the love in my heart…Stacey (CSUF student, CNY grad)
My husband and I had the pleasure of practicing with you at Yoga works in Costa Mesa, Ca. We would like to express how honored we are to have been led in your direction. Your class is very inspiring, full of Energy, and loads of Fun. We have been practicing Baptiste Power Vinyasa yoga in our local studio for about a year now and have not had the opportunity to try other styles or teachers in our small community. Yours was very different from what we are use to. We felt a true connection with your practice, an opening that was not there before, a spark~ Thank-you for showing us the way …You are a very unique teacher, a bright light, a gift to this earth. Keep your shine on!JoAnn Freeman (visiting student, Texas)
Thanks for being an awesome yoga teacher! I learned more from you in 16 weeks than I had in the past two years. Thanks for having a loving and giving soul – you are a beautiful person, inside and out, and it shines brightly!Faith Renee Gresco (actress, yoga student)
Thank you so much for your inspiration, guidance & love over the past couple years. I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful place to practice my yoga… and such an incredible teacher to learn from. Truly you have found your calling & it shows. I hope someday to help others as much as you have helped me. Thanks for everything!Carrie (Teacher Training graduate and long-time student)
Thank you so much for all the love and knowledge you’ve shared with us these past five months! You are an amazing teacher and have an incredible affinity for teaching others!Ann (Teacher Training graduate)
Thank you so much for showing me the gift of yoga. It has truly effected me and changed my life for the better. I am so amazed at how this class and teaching has made me look at myself and the world. Yoga has opened my eyes and it feels like I am finally alive in this body. You have taught me so many lessons that will carry on with me through the journey of life. Lessons that have completely changed me as a person, that have made me want to change inside to be a better person. You are such a truly amazing, gifted, and caring teacher. You have a lot to share with the world and I am so grateful and thankful that I got to experience your compassion, love, enthusiasm and joy for yoga and life. Thank you!!Lisa Grobbel (Intermediate student CSF)
Thank you for sharing your practice of yoga with me; for allowing me the opportunity to learn and practice yoga in a comfortable, open and honest setting. Your kind heart and wisdom is truly a gift from God and the heavens above. Continue to shine your mind, spirit, goodness and soul with all that you encounter, for the most memorable masters aren’t the ones who just teach, but are the ones who are able to help their students capture the essence of learning.Heidi (Teacher Training graduate)
Hi! I just wanted to ‘thank-you’ for the Reiki Practitioner Training class. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience! I wanted to tell you that since your class my friends have been much more important to me and I feel much more happiness. I feel more beautiful & sexy (like I have awakened — for that part of me had been asleep). I feel more alive & everything seems brighter to me.Kathy (Reiki Practitioner)
Erika, this is such a great experience… you and mackenzie are so great. I hope that you are in my life for a long time to come!Jenn (teacher training)
My life has completely changed since I started the teacher training with Erika. It’s been an amazing spiritual journey. I’m very grateful for this opportunity and for all that I’ve been learning. I’m loving every moment of this experience and it is having an amazing positive impact in my life. It feels as if I’ve been lost this whole time and I finally found my path. I wish to become a great teacher and teach people the tools that can change their lives in a positive way… just as my mentor is teaching me. Thank you Erika! You rock!Bruna Miranda (teacher training graduate)
Thank you so much for the many wonderful things you have taught me! I can’t even begin to explain how important this class has been in setting my life on the right track. I’ve learned so much and have a greater appreciation for the simpler things in life. I just want to let you know that you are an awesome teacher.Tiffany Bridges (CSF Intermediate Class)
Erika — You are like sunshine! I find it difficult to put into words how thankful I am for your class, your teachings & getting to know a little bit of you as a beautiful person. You have shined your light on me and have unknowingly boosted me into another reality I’ve never truly known — called TRUTH. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This class has been amazing; you are amazing!Abigail (CSF Intermediate class)
I’ve never felt as good as when i was doing yoga under your instruction. i still practice with the CD often. it’s awesome.Joe Hui (CSF Class of ‘03)
I have never had the pleasure of meeting such a miraculously open channel of peace and Love, Erika is beauty personified. The foundation I built at Cloud Nine Yoga has revolutionized my life in all areas.Kyle Keane (Cal State Fullerton)
I feel so blessed to be a part of your teacher training. The energy I take away with me from your classes means more to me then how far I can or can’t do a pose. I also think remembering how I feel right now will help me with others who have never gone here either. Anyways I just wanted to let you know I think you are awesome!!!!!!!! Thank You for being You.Sherry (Teacher Training)
Thank you for planning and coordinating our trip to Peru, South America. It was an inspiring and educational travel experience. We sincerely know that we were able to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity that afforded us the expansion of our minds, bodies, and spirits! Our group was truly phenomenal! The outgoing care and concern shared with each other enriched our experience all the more. We appreciate you very much and feel blessed to be part of your lives through yoga and beyond.Marcia & Harold Avent (Peru, 2004)
Thank you for being such a shining LIGHT in my life. Your friendship, love & wisdom are very greatly appreciated and respected. You have been, and continue to be a Divine Source for God to speak through. Thank you for your support, Love & Guidance.Simone Market (student since 1997)
You are a dreamer, Erika, and a realize-er. You offer yourself to the world and we all benefit. Thank you for your unique embodiment of God’s Grace.Vanessa Ragan (Universal Dances of Peace leader, musician and friend)
I had an awesome time in your yoga class. I learned about myself and became more aware of myself. It was truly a great experience for me. Your class helped me so much to get through my semester. I am glad I had you as my first yoga teacher because you inspired me a lot with your energy and caring personality.Sandra DeJonk (CSUF)