relish (noun)

she dug into her soul with relish ENJOYMENT, gusto, delight, pleasure, glee, rapture, satisfaction, contentment, appreciation, enthusiasm, appetite; humorous delectation.

These we ENJOY from beginning to end:

Title Time Artist Album
Diamonds 6:02 Girish Diamonds In The Sun
You Are Part Of Everything 3:43 Essence Spiritual Chillout
In My Soul 4:57 Mysteria Spiritual Chillout
Never Know 3:33 Jack Johnson In Between Dreams
Hindu Peace Prayer 09 6:56 Larisa Stow Reaching In…Unfold
Closer to Fine 4:04 Indigo Girls Indigo Girls
I Know I’m Not Alone 4:06 Michael Franti & Spearhead Yell Fire!
The World I Know 4:16 Collective Soul 7even Year Itch: Collective Soul Greatest Hits 1994-2001
Sleeping Soul (Jiv Jago) 6:49 Gaura Vani Ten Million Moons
Ha-Tha 4:00 Chinmaya Dunster Yoga On Sacred Ground
Surrender 3:42 Larisa Stow Reaching Out
First Breath After Coma 9:33 Explosions In The Sky The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place
Praises For The World 4:32 Jennifer Berezan Praises For The World
Samba Sadashiva 7:40 Donna De Lory The Lover & The Beloved