Kauai is a magical, mystical backdrop for our transformational 200-hr Yoga Training and Teacher Certification course. If you have been a Yoga student for under four years and haven’t taken any official Yoga training or certification course, this is where you want to start. It lays a solid foundation for a future in practicing with grace, respect, and presence. It offers all you need to share the fundamental teachings of Yoga with confidence, ease, and a voice of your own.

Yoga is thousands of years old, with a tremendous body of sacred texts, interpreted by many enlightened teachers, and studied extensively for its timeless healing benefits in college campuses in our modern world. Our signature In-Depth Yoga Study Course materials and Certification curriculum anchors you in the ancient techniques, where you experience them deeply and personally. It is from this level of understanding that you will be inspired to integrate its resonating qualities into your special and unique life story.

Any body can take this course. Literally. From ages 17 – 89, any cultural background or religious upbringing, those recovering from injury or disease, even those living with a chronic condition. Everyone can receive tremendous gifts from Yoga. With Cloud Nine Yoga School, you do not have to be afraid because we are not focusing on burning calories or teaching advanced methods. Our trainers are more like attentive guides, focusing on the meditative and therapeutic aspects of a system that dates back thousands of years. We teach you the basics – things that bring comfort and help unwind the body, mind, and spirit with joy. We create a supportive environment for reflection and self-love.

You will leave our Kaua’i Immersion with a FULL TOOLBOX to live and awaken from – and, of course, simply floating on Cloud Nine.

Erika Faith is in her 21st year training yogis to be magnificent leaders. She has much experience; born out of a passion for bringing Yoga down to Earth while still keeping the traditions intact. As our founder and head instructor, she has clocked in over 40,000 teaching hours in her 25+ years devoted to the yogic path.

We are a Yoga Alliance Registered School with over 20 years experience in training teachers. There are few Yoga Schools or studios that have withstood the test of time like Cloud Nine Yoga.

We call this 200-hr Immersion Training in Kauai an “edu-vacation” because you learn and integrate the teachings both on and off your mat.

It is really ALL ABOUT YOGA. Living it. Breathing it. BEing it. We set building blocks for you to ground your own practice. Our team supports you with love, respect, and encouragement. We give you roots so you can spread your wings. As our days together go by, you are groomed to become the informed student, sensitive teacher, and refined yogi that you can feel proud to be.

Cloud Nine Yoga School’s 200-hr Yoga Teacher Course curriculum has a uniquely eclectic style that is both playful and deep, flowing and meditative. We fully embrace all levels, bodies, and ages of yoga practitioners. During this incredible adventure in Kaua’i, you will enjoy daily morning yoga practice, workshop style curriculum, peer teaching opportunities, and tropical classroom outings.

Beyond getting certified to teach yoga, this training begins the moment you connect with us. We support our trainees from the first call to years after graduation. Nurturing our graduates and our community is important to us and we take time to bond with each group and develop lasting rapport for years to come.

Let your yoga practice become infused with ALOHA.

Blessed by azure blue waters, majestic mountain ranges haloed in mist, miles of sandy beaches, and powerful hikes to waterfalls… Kaua’i truly has it all.

If you are coming from anywhere outside Kauai, please arrange your own accommodations and rental car. We suggest staying in a Beach Hotel in the town of Kapa’a, on the east side of our Garden Island.

Call Erika at 310-989-0878 or email her at: yogaoncloud9@gmail.com to begin your registration process. 

Come to rest, have fun, study Yoga, meet amazing people, and enjoy this island paradise.


We have Open Registration for our scheduled trainings throughout the year until a training is full. We have been selling out months in advance, so applicants are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Due to Covid Restrictions, our trainings are limited to 11 participants.

We are happy to announce our next 200-hr Training in Kauai from November 15 – 30, 2021!




Map of The Garden Island.

What’s Included?

Kauai Yoginis

Prepare to be truly enchanted by this exotic location and the people who embody the blessing of island life.


  1. Fill out the Application.
  2. Make Your Tuition Payment.
  3. Start Planning Your Journey to Kauai!

What’s Not Included:

Your main facilitator is Erika Faith Calig E-RYT 500, (aka: The Yogi Fairy Godmother) the Founder and Curator of Cloud Nine Yoga School curriculum. She will inspire, guide, and support you in an exploration into all of the beauty of Yoga’s many diverse practices.