Erika’s 2020 Online Yoga Classes

  • YOGA THERAPY FOR MENTAL HEALTH – An Online Zoom Practice with Erika every Thursday (recurring 90 min sessions) :: 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm HST, 3:00 – 4:30 pm PDT, 6:00 – 7:30 pm EDT ** This is an inspired, low impact, all levels, Aloha-filled, mostly Hatha Yoga movement. Let us pray, heal, and anchor Love together. A 90-min feel good weekly therapeutic Hatha class designed to amplify Light and bring Healing peace to your soul. Using Acupressure Techniques and ancient Yogic Principles to clear the mind ~ my words will guide you with compassion, and permission. REGISTER
  • YOGA UNRAVELED –  A Luxurious, 2-hr Online Yoga Class for all levels every Sunday with Erika :: 8am HST, 11am PDT, 2pm EDT ** Yes, we will sweat a bit. But this is a class for all bodies. Prepare to go on a journey of breath, meditation, and movement that makes some magic. We all need to unravel tension. Our bodies carry the stories of our life, and often unnecessarily ʻhold onʻ to remenants of unresolved emotions, thoughts, and physical trauma. So when we UNRAVEL, we let go and slough, shake off, dissolve, and drop the energetic sticky stuff. Freeing our body, mind, and spirit for sweeter things ~ we can find more pleasure, acceptance, and openness in Life.  REGISTER

Aloha! 🌺

Our Online Yoga School is Open!

Want to attend an interactive Yoga Training and Certification Course? There is no better way to receive an education than to do it in real time with your teachers and peers. We offer a beautiful virtual community to inspire and hold space for an incredible 3-month dive into all things Yoga. Hold yourself accountable by attending classes via Zoom with your cohort. Your health and wellness, especially during this time of unprecedented changes is worth the time and energy investment.

+ Advanced Yoga Teacher Training: Modules 1 – 3 (self-paced)

+ Continuing Education: ‘Heaven On Earth’ Workshops (self-paced)

+ 200-hr Teacher Certification & In-Depth Yoga Study Course (self-paced)

Yoga Alliance has made a temporary provision through the end of 2021 due to COVID-19 that allows us to train and certify Yoga Teachers online. We are now able to run our Teacher Certification Programs with VIRTUAL contact hours, along with minimum distance learning homework hours, research, and assignments. Our LIVE-STREAM classes can be attended in ʻreal timeʻ to replicate an in-person training as much as possible. We will archive the ZOOM meetings for reference, or if you may have to miss a class for any reason.

Regular tuition fees have been reduced significantly for these special online learning options — our very affordable rates give you the BEST DEAL for a HIGH QUALITY, professional, and interactive learning experience. Our school has been training teachers for over 20 years, and an RYS with Yoga Alliance since 2002. So, we have what it takes to give you an incredible training that you can use — and a support network of graduates around the world to connect with for life.

We truly have the most awesome yoga curriculum for you. It is based on a heart-centered, ʻLiving the Practiceʻ approach. Our focus rests on accessibility, permission, and the richness of a holistic and sustainable yoga practice for all bodies, everywhere. Our international reach allows students in Central and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia to enjoy access to our program with a weekly mentoring call with the founder and director of Cloud Nine Yoga, Erika Faith Calig, during your enrollment in any Certification Course. We welcome International Students with open arms.

Do you have questions? Contact us by email:

Cloud Nine Yoga offers A Lifetime of Learning

Continuing Education ~ There are many valuable and nourishing modalities that work well with Asana-based classes. Therefore, we have workshops and trainings in a wide-range of supplemental and complementary techniques. Yoga is not just a movement practice. It involves a relationship with the wider ranges of human conditions, metaphysical states, and mental health. In our School, we go way beyond the ancient and modern practices of Hatha Yoga and venture into the vast subjects from many of the world’s mystical traditions. Some are new, some are old, some are AGELESS!

Drop In for a Workshop and feel the Love Light Up in your Heart!


Sunday Workshop LINK
Sunday Afternoon Yoga Workshops are perfect for the Autumn vibes! Study Mudra, Marmas, Acupressure & Yoga, Ayurveda, & Full-Body Decompression Techniques. Guided by our playful leadership team, Erika Faith and Trinity Capili. 3 hrs – $33 each ** Reach out to us for the ENTIRE Sunday Funday Yoga Bundle for $429 and get the Sacred Sunday practice class included! Venmo @Erika-Faith 🧘🏻‍♀️

Thai Yoga Massage Workshop

We know the value of connecting. Healing ourselves is the first step. The next is to bring our relationships to optimal health. This means our partnerships in love, work, and family. But it also means our impact on the Earth by means of our actions, behaviors, and consumerism. Our wish is to advance our understanding of who we are as humans in this Web of Life, so that we increase the resources, fulfillment, and stabilize the structures so that we can sustain life. All beings must thrive in our hands! Given our technologies and advancements, utilized properly and morally, we can improve the quality of life everywhere.

Let us remember what we *really* need. What is of *lasting* value? Are we leaving a *legacy of Love* for the 7 Generations to come? Have we taken care of our past mistakes and cleared our ancestral lineage of brutality, exploitation, and dysfunction? Let us wake up and Be the change.

Erika demonstrates Reiki with Lomilomi massage techniques.