Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Our specialty is to create Yoga Training curriculum for Yoga programs and studios worldwide. We write articles, provide continuing education to all yoga teachers, create a compassionate network for graduates to feel supported, mentor Yoga Teachers to become trainers, and offer certification courses across the globe.

Why do prenatal yoga?  
  • To meet and bond with other pregnant women
  • To ease breathing
  • To relax moodiness and balance emotions
  • To keep muscles strong and supple
  • To ease tension
  • To prepare for the new life of being a parent
  • To help tune into the body’s needs
  • To help prepare for labor
  • To keep mom and baby healthy
  • To have more energy
  • To Improve posture

“Every woman is her own midwife.” –Jannine Parvati Baker

Aside from the hundreds of books on pregnancy, a woman’s intuition is the guidepost for all decisions. It is most important that Mom is: 


Well fed





Sleeping Well Enough

Home and Workplace environment are secure


Taking Supplements and Vitamins

Our Focus

We create a class that is adapted to each Trimester and each individual student.