Cloud Nine Yoga invites all our Yoga Training students to attend a minimum of three days on retreat with the Cloud Nine Yoga Trainers. We have several options to chose from each year and create local and out of state training retreats that can be attended by all schools, all students and blend the Cloud Nine Yoga Programs with the general public.

One of the original offerings of Cloud Nine Yoga, a tradition we continue to carry on today, is the Yoga Training Retreat Immersion. Participants in our programs are strongly encouraged to step out beyond the daily experience of our life at home and take an ‘edu-vacation’ over the course of a 3 – 5 day weekend. Getting away from our everyday responsibilities with work/family/home and placing ourselves with other yoga students and teachers provide a special integration of our practice into community life. These weekends offer all food, board, outdoor activities, classes and specialty trainings in a peaceful and restorative atmosphere. Networking, sharing experiences and continuing to learn yoga together become a highlight of this weekend. Not to be missed!

Traditionally, Yoga aspirants went to an “Ashram” to study in-depth and retreat from the everyday distractions to fully focus on the spiritual path. An ashram is very much like a hermitage in nature, providing a natural settting for meditation, self-study, and seva (volunteer work). To encourage our training participants to take time away from daily life, we maintain this requirement to offer a taste of the full yogic lifestyle, including daily practice, healthy living, and communing with the earth and all her creatures. Cloud Nine Yoga Schools often provide a celebratory, festival atmosphere on retreat, as well as peaceful reflective time to enjoy the quiet of sacred spiritual and personal space.

50-hr Yoga Training Retreat Immersions are open to all students of yoga, even those not enrolled in our courses.

Approximate costs range from $450 for camping retreats, $650 for rustic cabin retreats and $850 for resort retreats.

See our Retreats page for most current offerings!