Cassandra Vitale is the owner of FreeSpirit Yoga in Long Beach, CA. Her style of teaching is influenced by many different lineages and there really is no one path that she is fully committed to when it comes to yoga. Lately, her favorite teacher is of the Tantra lineage, Tony Giuliano of Silverlake, CA who owns Yoga at the Raven studio. She is fascinated by anatomy, biomechanics, and how that informs our nervous system and chains of energy. She has been studying yoga now for 12 years and teaching for 10 of those. She is currently E-RYT 500 certified and is also a Reiki Master as well as certified in EFT Tapping, which is an emotional healing technique. Aside from spiritual pursuits of transformation, healing and yoga philosophy, her passions include, flowers, her pet cat, Queso, running her transformational coaching programs and enjoying delicious foods and lifting weights at the gym. One of her favorite things about Cloud Nine Yoga is the emphasis on the spiritual aspects of yoga right along side the technical and knowledge based practices. Cassandra is currently teaching Cloud Nine Curriculum with Crystal Dawn Rios at FreeSpirit Yoga.

FreeSpirit Yoga (Vital Yoga)
3910 Atlantic Ave
Long Beach, CA 90807