I tried all kinds of methods to find peace from within , It was years of searching . I wanted to feel whole inside, and have an overall feeling of happiness. I’ve suffered through massive spells of self inflicted hardships . They don’t compare to some but they were mine to overcome . However we block ourselves and self sabotage we must find peace . Yoga brought me peace and a different perspective . It helped me retrain my thought patterns to create a new world around me that I could flourish in . It’s a safe venue to fine what you are looking for and find a great career creating your own dreams and making it a reality . My growth through Cloud Nine trainings had been too much to contain in words . I found friendships that have real deep connections compared to the more surface connections I had been making in the past . I have been working /attending Cloud Nine trainings for the last 15 years . I have been studying/teaching yoga for 15 years and I’m excited to help pass this information onto those who seek it . The last few years teaching has become my passion . I love helping people find THEIR new perspective . Through this in depth training the journey begins, continues, or helps you go deeper into your practice. We are light and love and we welcome you to join. Namaste