Trinity Capili, E-RYT 500

Resistance to your inner child is futile. At the age of six, I had memorized all of the words to Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All” and would sing it full voice in the shower. I also recall trying to levitate at a very young age, sitting in my room trying to feel and hear everything… in what we now recognize as meditation. I also spent a lot of little kid energy dancing around and getting blissed out…in what we can also call meditation. Happily so, both of these behaviors are still a part of my mornings.

The dharma clicked in upon meeting my first master teacher, Erika Faith Calig. After learning about the wisdom tradition and philosophies of yoga, the call to share it was clear as a bell.

Today I devote my life to living what I love: helping share the idea that the human spirit is truly limitless. We are here to love and be loved, laugh, grow, and be present in our Selves. My admiration for language (written, spoken, or silent) drives everything I do; the way communication happens never ceases to amaze me.

The study of the inner world never stops. We are interconnected, in everything and one another. Sweet!

It’s an honor to be part of the Cloud Nine tribe and be in the company of teachers (friends and family) who are truly here to bring light into the darkness and know that both are necessary factors to having fun on this earth. In a nutshell, I love living, sharing, and teaching such great stuff.