Trinity’s teaching philosophy stems from the belief that we all create what’s next in this beautiful dream of life. Transformation is the language of love. Everything is everything; everything is intercourse. Human embodiment is sensate and spiritual, individual and universal. She lives for sharing ancient and modern techniques that lead to fulfillment, and wholeheartedly enjoys creating new ones.

She is the creator of Creaturepace®, and tours LA to bring people back into their pleasure bodies. Some of her favorite things on this earth are reading, writing, people watching, floating in water while watching the clouds, sitting under sunlit trees, and laughing at life with loved ones.

In addition to teaching with the Cloud Nine family, other projects include ongoing work with the Pachamama Alliance, certification in Movement Therapy with Linda Lack, PhD, creator of The Thinking Body- The Feeling Mind®, and making art inspired by the wonders of the human body.