It was the gift of chronic back/neck pain that brought Alison to her yoga practice eighteen years ago. After the first class she knew she had found a powerful tool to return her body to its natural state of health. As her practice unfolded, she also found that her body would provide a road map to emotional, energetic, and spiritual healing as well. Inspired to share yoga with others and a desire to go deeper in her own practice, Alison completed her 200hr certification in 2006 at the acclaimed White Lotus Foundation with Ganga White and Tracey Rich. She went on to complete her Professional Yoga Therapy certificate from Integrative Yoga Therapy with Joseph & Lillian Le Page and received her 500hr certificate in April of 2009. In 2010 Alison received certification in YogAlign, a dynamic form of yoga therapy that restructures the entire body for functional bio-mechanics. Alison’s perspective on yoga as a holistic experience inspires her to teach awareness of the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual elements in her classes. She views yoga as a way of life that connects us with our innate inner wisdom and endless capacity for compassion and self-love.

Alison co-teaches with Stephanie Pafford at Cloud Nine Yoga’s La Jolla School, proudly hosted by Akasha Yoga.