arianabatessmilesAriana’s vision is to hold space for inclusive yoga for ALL. She is Co-Founder of Free Yoga On The Beach in Long Beach, CA sharing free yoga twice a day. Ariana is global bhakti yoga ambassador and leads Yoga Trance Dance in California and at Festivals plus Retreats. She lives a life of Agape service through yoga, dance liberation and as a high school counselor. As a high school counselor, Ariana created lunch mediation for high school students plus the powerful Unity Day for LGBT teens/allies. Ariana Bates has helped thousands of teens achieve authentic greatness. Ariana is also an advocate for recovery and 12 step work as a path for love + service centered living. Ariana would like to thank her teachers: Michael Bernard Beckwith, Shiva Rea and Kathy Cone. Learn more at: