Lauren Jacobs

Lauren is a joyful & encouraging Cloud Nine Yoga trained instructor, whose daily practice includes Hatha Yoga & Bhakti Yoga. Her first experience with yoga was in 1995 after years of competitive swimming had wreaked havoc on her body and spirit…her yogic journey grew steadily from there. Lauren will encourage you to delve deeper into your practice by placing an emphasis on breath awareness, spiritual & physical balance, and focusing on exercising compassion towards your own body, mind, & spirit. She is a Birth Doula and a Student Midwife with a passion for women’s reproductive health, explaining her focus on Fertility Yoga & Prenatal Yoga. She chooses to focus on the childbearing years because this is when women are simultaneously at their most powerful and their most vulnerable. The goal of all of her education and training is geared towards fulfilling her vision of working with women to facilitate empowerment & self-love through knowing and trusting in their own bodies.