Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, classes taught include Restorative; Gentle; Yin; Reiki; Hatha, Yoga for Backs; and All Level Vinyasa style yoga.

Employment: Currently teaches at Akasha La Jolla; Akasha Mira Mesa (where she is co-owner); Jai Ma Yoga; and the City of Escondido.

Favorite sayings: ”I’m not flexible enough for yoga”, is like saying I’m too dirty to take a bath.”

Liz discovered yoga later in life, at the age of 51. She fell in love with the practice her first time on the mat, where she discovered the tools to keep her body, mind and spirit healthy, clear and balanced. Through the practice of yoga her life was transformed into one that is happier, healthier and satisfying.

Her teaching style is reflective of her belief that yoga is for every body. She teaches with compassion, a focus on anatomy, and encourages internal reflection so that as students strengthen and heal their physical bodies, they
also flourish and support their emotional body. She urges practitioners to listen to their bodies rather than their egos, yoga should not be painful. She teaches all levels, from restorative, gentle yoga, to a challenging vinyasa
flow incorporating arm balances and inversions. Yoga is a mindful practice, but it can also be playful, fun, and challenging, and a “real work out” for those who like to turn up the heat.

Yoga is usually defined as “to yoke, or unite”, Liz defines it as the science of happiness!