Ron Berman

I am a Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher (R.Y.T. 500) and Certified Yoga Instructor trained by the Cloud Nine Yoga School and Musician, Composer and Recording Artist. Currently, I teach yoga in the South Bay and teach music at Occidental College and Pasadena City College. I perform and record jazz, classical and original music locally and abroad doing gigs, concerts, cd/video projects, film, radio and television.

I feel very comfortable with these two disciplines and delight in how they connect and influence how I do or teach them. In yoga, the body is like an instrument and in music, the body and the instrument merge into one. Once the connection is established, there is no separation. Yoga merges into every element of living on this planet. When doing or teaching yoga or music, both synergize into a flowing energy that transforms, uplifts the spirit and raises vibration and consciousness. This knowlege allows me to be a deeper and freer enabler. In yoga, there is no separation between being and doing and we bring our awareness into each breath, any task at hand and into every precious moment of our time here.

I continue to study cleansing, fasting, diet and nutrition, vegan and raw food preparation and yoga philosophy, pranayama and meditation. I study and explore, improvise and listen to the music of the universe. I look forward to continued growth and development as a yogi, musician and educator and feel blissful of the life I live, the future of this planet and sharing all of the harvest I gather!

15410 Yukon Avenue El Camino Village, CA 90260
310.676.1895 email: