ScottBrownScott Brown is passionate about loud music, oak trees, sunbathing, conscious living, graphic design, meditation, energy healing, reading quotes, burning sage, freestyling, going hiking, doing yoga, hip-hop, good vibes, late nights, pushing the limits of life and writing poetry which he has been doing since he was 15. He found Cloud Nine Yoga three years ago and has since become a Reiki Master, Certified Yoga Teacher, and inspiration to others challenged by muscular dystrophy and other motion restrictions.

“I’ve always been one who was aware of my body and not simply just because of fascination, but because of my situation. Having Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy, I observed my body, specifically my muscles, progressively weakening since the age of 12. This body awareness showed me that the physical body and its ability to adapt is quite miraculous. Having witnessed my body go from being able to walk to slowly weakening and having to rely on an electric wheelchair to get around. My disease progressed to a point where my diaphragm became so weak that I ended up using a ventilator to help me breathe. The machine helps me fully expel the carbon dioxide that would otherwise build up. All these different factors and all these different kinds of equipment that I need in my life have forced me to have a curious perspective of my body.”

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