The energy of Reiki is so beautiful and enhances every aspect of life. It is divinely guided – so it is intelligent, promotes unconditional love, and vibrates on the purest level of our life force.Erika Faith Calig

What is REIKI and why learn it?
All of us have the ability to tune in to our own healing, through meditation and alignment to Universal Life Energy. Taking a Reiki Training helps assist us in providing a space for connecting within, clearing out the cobwebs from the mind and helping us concentrate our vibration in the direction of Health & Well-Being. I have been a practicing Reiki Master-Teacher for 15 years and use it every day to ground myself in a daily healing practice. I use it in my yoga classes and whenever I am around my students, friends and family to bring light and pure energy to all interactions. Taking a Reiki Training is an essential technique for body workers, as well as parents, caregivers and yoga instructors. Certification provided.

I’m very pleased to have taken my Reiki Master Teacher training with you and your group. It had an unforgettable day with a beautiful ritual. I have been practicing attuning candles in the past two days and I’m using them for a college student who wants to focus more in her class. I ‘m very grateful for your attunement gift and your time. Thank you.Cinia Agreda (2012 student)

REIKI Master Training (Level 3 with Attunement Practice)
MAY 12, 2018
Cloud Nine Yoga Studio in Temecula, CA
Reiki Master-Teacher with Certificate: $188


Just like Yoga, Reiki is a technique and spiritual technology that helps energy and Light to move through our bodies with ease and grace. Unimpeded energy flow allows earth energy and Source energy to be utilized for greater levels of healing, support, and spiritual connection.

To claim your “Inner Healer” is a demonstration to the Universe that you own your creative force on the planet — and will utilize it to clear yourself of emotional wounding, mental dis-ease, and spiritual disconnection. For a human being, this is bringing the SOUL SELF to activate and express fully in the world. The human suit of skin, bones, blood, and tissue becomes an even clearer and cleaner channel for the Life Energy to flow through.

We welcome you to join Erika Faith in recognizing the power of your energy field, and amplifying your own magnetic force so that you can attract what you need/want ~ as well as repel that which is not of your vibration. Come into alignment, learn to bless yourself and others in this 4-hr workshop.

REIKI Healing Practitioner Training
Cloud Nine Yoga Studio in Temecula, CA
Reiki Level 1 & 2 with Certificate: $111
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