All Cloud Nine Yoga School branches are independently owned and operated since 2007. Our trainers, as well as our schools, operate out of different studio locations in their designated areas. We relish in an evolutionary, progressive form of commerce and service to our communities. As we form collaborative, sacred spaces and promote shared opportunities for spiritual development, movement, conscious living and health — every one benefits. Our vibration on this planet, and within our business operations, is seeking the HIGHEST GOOD FOR ALL LIFE EVERYWHERE. Therefore, we are grassroots formed and family-style operated.

Our motto is: “Representing Heaven on Earth”
Cedar Rapids - Dubuque, IA
Cypress - Buena Park, CA
Hermosa Beach - South Bay, CA
Huntington Beach - Irvine, CA
Kapaa - Kilauea, Kauai: HI
Las Vegas - Sandy Valley, NV
Long Beach - Lakewood, CA
Los Angeles - Hollywood, CA
Orange Hills - Brea, CA
Pasadena - Altadena, CA
Puerto Rico
San Clemente - Laguna Beach, CA
Santa Ana - Anaheim, CA
South New Mexico - Roswell, NM
Temecula - Escondido, CA
Whittier - La Habra, CA